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Cove Membership

Cove actively improves your sleep and reduces your stress, so your body and mind can function at the highest level.

The Cove device has been discontinued.
  • Latest generation Cove device
  • Biometric feedback
  • Unlimited Cove usage
  • Preferred access to new generation releases
  • Full access to all upcoming app features
  • Free device replacement (within warranty coverage)
  • Unlimited access to 1 on 1 Cove specialists
  • 30-day risk-free trial (money back guarantee)

A membership is required to use Cove. The first month of membership is billed at checkout. Unless cancelled, all monthly plans auto-renew as 3 month memberships (billed monthly at $19/month).

  • Stress reduction

    In studies, 90% of daily Cove users experienced a significant drop in stress levels.

  • Sleep improvement

    Research shows that Cove helps users fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Learn more about our research

  • Comfort and convenience

    Lightweight and beautifully designed, Cove can be worn anytime, anywhere.

  • Powerful AI-based biometric feedback

    Using the Cove app, you can track your progress and view data from the device’s state-of-the-art sensors.

  • Weighing only 20 grams, Cove sits comfortably behind your ears. Dimensions: 67.72mm x 117.54mm x 106.13mm

  • Cove comes equipped with a best-in-class PPG heart rate sensor and a 3D accelerometer.

  • You can complete 4 sessions without having to recharge your Cove. The device has an 85 mAh capacity and can be fully charged in 60-80 mins.

  • Cove uses dual mode Bluetooth 4.2 to pair wirelessly with your phone.

The Cove app

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What people are saying

Bonnie L.Verified buyer
5 of 5 stars

More control over how I feel

I love my Cove, and often use it twice per day. Its helped to lower my anxiety and increase my ability to focus. By the end of the 20 minutes, I always feel more centered and relaxed.

NVerified buyer
5 of 5 stars

Life changing

I have been using Cove for a few months now, results are unbelievable. I usually use it before going to sleep, thanks to it I fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Highly recommend!

Lee R.Verified buyer
5 of 5 stars

I wish this existed years ago!

Wow. This has been an absolute game changer for me and my ability to relax and sleep better at night. I'm just so much more relaxed in general and don't feel as anxious anymore.

MVerified buyer
5 of 5 stars

Best sleep of my life

My experience with Cove has been life changing and calming. I sleep restfully all night and no longer wake up even to go to the bathroom!

Check your fit

Cove is adjustable and designed to fit most adult heads. To ensure that the device will fit you, please download our handy size guide.

Download the guide
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