Membership Plans

Effective August 11, 2022, all Cove members will receive a lifetime membership at no charge.

What does this mean for monthly members?

You will no longer be charged a recurring membership fee, and you will receive lifetime membership.

What does this mean for pre-paid members?

If you purchased a pre-paid plan from, Amazon, or Best Buy, your Cove will not expire at the end of the pre-paid period and you will receive a lifetime membership.

The Cove App

Effective December 1, 2022, the Cove app will no longer be available.

What does this mean for using Cove?

Cove will continue to function as before; however, Cove cannot pair to the Cove app, and no new session data can be synced. Existing session data will be lost and all accounts will be deleted.

How can I start a session without the Cove app?

To begin a session without the Cove app:

  1. Power on Cove.

  2. When the green light is on, tap the power button once.

  3. The light will turn to flashing purple, and the session will begin.


Below are answers to common troubleshooting questions regarding Cove.

Where can I find the user manual?

The user manual is accessible via this link.

How can I reconnect Cove to the Cove app?

  1. Remove Cove from your list of Bluetooth devices. This process will vary depending on your phone.

  2. Launch the Cove app, and navigate to Profile -> Cove device settings.

  3. Remove Cove from your profile.

  4. Add Cove again via the Cove app.

How can I restore Cove to factory settings?

  1. Remove Cove from your list of Bluetooth devices, and remove Cove from your profile in the Cove app.

  2. Charge Cove for at least 10 minutes from a working power source.

  3. Disconnect Cove from the power source. While Cove is powered on, hold the Power and Intensity Down buttons simultaneously. The green LED will turn off, but continue holding the buttons for 30 seconds before releasing. The green LED will return automatically in about a minute.

  4. Begin a Cove session, or connect Cove to the Cove app.

Customer Service

Effective September 1, 2022, no customer service or support will be available for Cove or the Cove app.

Request a Replacement

To request a replacement for your Cove device, please complete the Replacement Request form.